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Surfing for mental health

The Bolt Blower Invitational

What is The Bolt Blower Invitational?

The Bolt Blower Invitational is an annual teams retro surfing competition where all surfers are required to ride original single and twin fin surfboards that pre date 1983. There are a minimum of 12 teams, with each team made up of seven surfers, with a minimum one female surfer. Money raised is donated towards projects the Bolt Blowers feel passionate about. Projects that they feel work hard to support those suffering with mental health as well as those around them.

Since 2006 The Bolt Blower Invitational event has raised over $150,000. We take peoples kindness and support very seriously. Great work is happening out there and we want to continue to provide support in anyway we can.

How do we raise money?

There are a number of ways we raise funds:

  1. donations
  2. entry fees from all competitors
  3. food, drinks, tees, caps, stickers etc sold on the beach
  4. after party event entry fee and part of the drinks sold
  5. prize auction
  6. by people providing their expertise and support the event by donating their time & skills

Where do your donations go?

Investing back into coastal communities and especially mens wellbeing is very close to our hearts.

Enter Tom Harkin and his program which, disrupts stereotypes and strengthens emotional muscle for young men and adults; using tools that can be powerfully transformative.

Please Watch This
We encourage you to create the space to view this clip as ita��s important you understand the program you are about to support and the power it can have.


For Bolt Blowers 2017, together with Surfing Victoria and key community leaders, we got together with Tom to design a special community strategy for the Surfcoast and Coast Communities. The aim is to pilot this program at the West Coast before, we hope it becomes available across Victoria. This program is a Community Strategy specifically aimed at young and mature men. With the money the Bolt Blower community raise along with other community partners, we hope to fund five workshops targeting key community groups.

For more information on:

Tom Harkin –

Bolt Blowers are passionate about the work One in Five do and will continue to support them.
One in Five –

Get Involved

a�?We are offering people an a�?opportunitya�? to ease their own pain or confusion about mental illness by a�?Empowering them through actiona�?. That action might be in the form of Financial donation or just getting involved in the eventa�? a�� The Bolt Blowers

There are a number of ways to get involved.

  • Join us on the beach on Saturday 25 November, 2017 @ Jan Juc from 8am
  • donate money
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Instagram #boltblowers
  • Share BB with everyone you know!