Bolt Blowers

Surfing for mental health


2017 Tom Harkin Community Program

Determined – More Than Ever Before As mentioned before, wea��ve been working on a very exciting program and we are now in a position to share what wea��ve been up to! Over the last 10 years Bolt Blowers have been surfing, supporting and building awareness for mental health. We have supported One in Five, The [...]

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10th Anniversary Fundraising Gala Event – Sat 16 May

To celebrate 10 years of the Bolt Blowers we are holding a Gala event in Melbourne BOOK NOW. The event is a celebration of all that has been achieved over the last 10 years.

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The Good Life Farm

The Good Life Farm is a self-sustainable farm and its vision is to contribute to the well being of youth. Lesley’s vision has been to provide an atmosphere conducive to healing and learning through interaction with the environment and animals.

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One in Five

We have been a part of the One in Five family for 8 years now. The Bolt Blowers would not be the same without the very special people who founded One in Five. Since 2006 we have raised over $130,000 for One in Five, who in turn support The Mental Health Research Institute.

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