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Surfing for mental health

2017 Tom Harkin Community Program

Determined – More Than Ever Beforetmr2
As mentioned before, wea��ve been working on a very exciting program and we are now in a position to share what wea��ve been up to!

Over the last 10 years Bolt Blowers have been surfing, supporting and building awareness for mental health.

We have supported One in Five, The Good Life Farm and hope individuals, families and fellow surfers in the quest for mental health.

Sadly over the years we have lost too many to mental illness and in the last two years we have continued to see great men leave this world.

More than ever before, we have been determined to find a program that truly aligns with the Blowers.

Investing back into coastal communities and especially mens wellbeing is very close to our hearts.

Enter Tom Harkin and his program which, disrupts stereotypes and strengthens emotional muscle for young men and adults; using tools that can be powerfully transformative.

Please Watch This
We encourage you to create the space to view this clip as ita��s important you understand the program you are about to support and the power it can have. Please commence watching from 35 mins in for Tom Harkin’s program.


Community Purpose

Along with community leaders and Tom Harkin we have created a program specifically for the surfing and coastal community.

Bolt Blowers, Surfing Victoria, Quiksilver, Torquay Boardriders, 13th Beach Boardriders, Cormach Events from Strong Brothers Strong Sisters, Shawn Oa��Callaghan from 50 Year Storm, Surf Coast Shire, Surf Coast Secondary College, Torquay Colledge and Bellbrae Primary.

To have the whole communityA� coming together like this,A� with the one purpose is inspiring.

The Bolt Blower Community
Without the whole Bolt Blowers community, this program can not be fully realised.

With the money we all raise through the Bolt Blowers, along with other community partners, Toma��s program will be available for young men but also adults in the local community.
Wea��ll keep you informed as the program progresses.

To say we are pumped, would be an understatement!

Peter Murphy is the local Community Director for this program, feel free to email Pete at: or email us.

Save the date, spread the word and get ready… for the spirit of Bolt Blowers is alive and buzzing.

Peace & love
The Blowers